A little about me…grant writer, editor, literature reviewer, curriculum developer

I’m interested in impact–in the service of growth and social justice. One of my favorite thought leaders, Dan Pink, writes in his book Drive, that we humans are motivated by autonomy, mastery, and purpose. For me, “purpose” is about helping individuals and groups of people make the impacts they envision–developing the capacity and skills to bring a vision into reality.

My background is in education–teaching and administrative leadership. I’ve toggled between working with middle school and adolescent girls, in traditional schools, and with adult immigrants, refugees, and those seeking their GED, in the often unheralded gem of our state educational environment: the community college system.

Throughout the decades, I’ve been successful in these roles in part because I’m an adept communicator. I listen well, lead with curiosity, and distill information into accessible and compelling narratives. I strive to avoid jargon and empty language–and to maintain a down-to-earth style.

In the early years of my career, when I was doing community organizing, my boss tossed me five grant proposals and said, “Write these.” OK! Undaunted, I forged ahead and learned the skills of proposal writing. I still see it as “not rocket science.” In some ways, it’s about following the rules; funders have guidelines, and I’m eagle-eyed about ensuring we follow those. Because I have experience managing programs, I understand the cycle of developing programs, defining outputs, setting outcomes, and creating a budget. I can manage the whole process of creating and refining a proposal because of the blend of my communicative style, my keen attention to details, and my writing experience.

At this phase in my life, I’m moving out of working in traditional education settings into arenas where I can use my writing and communication skills in new ways. I’m eager to help you and your organization achieve the impact you’re looking for.

Contact me if you’d like to talk more about your needs and ideas.

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