About Me

Debbie McLaughlin

Coach, writer, artist


Debbie’s multi-dimensional interests make her adept at building connections quickly, listening well for the patterns in individual and organizational realities, and moving people toward growth.

She asks questions that take you beyond “this is the way it has to be”; nudges but doesn’t push; and creates space for you to find inspiration in yourself.

Debbie’s heart is with learners at the margins: those who have not experienced success in traditional schooling; those whose ADHD or learning disabilities make traditional school tough; and those who may be new to the US educational system. Debbie’s passion is to assist teachers to plan for learner variability, and keep students–not curriculum–at the center of their decisions. Not curriculum? Right– make curricular and teaching decisions based on brain-science, so that the learner as a whole person–mind/body/spirit–can succeed in the learning endeavor.

Why work with me?

Because I establish rapport quickly, listen well, and understand your needs.

Because I am not the expert who tells you what to do. I ask the kinds of questions that push your own clarity and empower you to find solutions within yourself.

I read and research voraciously, so I have evidence-based resources to share, but we decide together when you’re interested and able to try an approach you might not have tried before.

Because I have years of experience in the classroom and administration. I understand the art and science of teaching and learning..and the blood, sweat, and tears of it all.


Learning support coach–for students and teachers–in independent schools

Math teacher: basic math for middle school & GED

Administrator for large divisions in community colleges

Coaching training

Novak Educational Consulting, Universal Design for Learning Level 1

Learning Designed, UDL Core Credential, Level 1

Bright Morning Institute (Elena Aguilar)

Mentor Academy 101, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)


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