Don’t quite need a full-time writer, but you’ve got some projects or proposals that really need to get done?

A writer on contract may be just what you need.

Sure, there are a lot of writers and editors in the marketplace. What I bring is 25 years of experience writing a variety of content, including grant proposals. My background as a community organizer, educator, administrator, and grant writer/grants manager means I’ve honed my listening, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. I understand complexity and nuance, and I adeptly move between the big picture and the details. I’m a fast study of your people, programs, and ultimate goals.

Working with me is easy, and you’ll be pleased with the process as well as the product.

I’m also an artist (that’s my quilt in the header image). Writing and art-making draw on deep wells of creativity and imagination to create a compelling story. We writer-artists are adept at seeing and positioning elements in new ways, paying attention to detail, and revising until satisfied.

About 50% of my writing work is grants, with the other 50% being a variety of projects for education and small businesses.

References upon request. I have an M.A. in Education from Antioch University and a Certificate in Editing from the University of Washington. I’m a member of the Puget Sound Grant Writers Association.

Email or text to get started. Let’s see how my skills fit your needs. or 253-359-0628.