Editing and writing

Let’s kill the jargon and talk write like real people.

Yes, AI (artificial intelligence) can write for you, but there’s nothing like a human being’s intelligence to convey your story and voice.

I have deep experience in writing and editing for multiple purposes. I edit for grammar & mechanics, content & structure, and clarity & plain English.

Email or text is a great place to start. debmclseattle@gmail.com or 253-359-0628.

Business and education writing

  • Handbooks: employee handbook; guidance about learning disabilities
  • Educational newsletter distilling cognitive and behavioral science findings for teachers
  • Case statements for fundraising campaigns
  • Curriculum outcomes, learning standards, and crosswalks between frameworks
  • Literature review for not-for-profit organization focused on aging issues
  • Distillation and summary of complex neuropsychological reports for a lay audience
  • Data compilation and analysis regarding student achievement
  • Website copy

Editing projects

  • Theses and dissertations in a variety of fields including economics, finance, and technology.
  • Job search and school admission documents such as cover letters, resumes, teaching statements, and essays for entry into higher education.
  • Corporate communications: memos, board agendas and minutes, research summaries
  • Fundraising documents such as auction catalog copy, case statements
  • Policies such as academic, discipline, college advising, orientation procedures, assessment guidelines

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