Interim executive director of not-for-profit organization

Deb catches on quickly, works fast and efficiently, and is always responsive. She has top-notch writing and editing skills. I appreciate how important it is to her to understand what programs and services her clients offer and to write in the right tone for her clients. She’s understanding and kind, while firmly moving you along in the grant writing and submission process. Deb is a delight to work with.

Owner of a youth sports organization

Our staff handbook is a critical document, and Debbie really helped us clean it up. Her communication from the beginning was extremely organized and simple. Debbie also didn’t hesitate to gently nudge us when she needed to, keeping us on track so our document would be ready on time.

In terms of her editing, it is simply fabulous. We know what we want to convey to our staff, but we didn’t have a great way of putting that in print. Our handbook is now something we can be proud of, and we know it will clearly communicate our expectations to our current and future staff.

Owner/Operator, The Bar Shoppe, Seattle, WA:

Debbie helped us re-vamp and refine our “About Us” page. In starting a new business, we have thousands of details to manage; in the midst of all that, I appreciated Debbie’s quick response and efficient edits. She cut and re-arranged our text while staying true to our voice and vision and helping make our personalities and passions shine through on the “page.”

Middle & high school teacher:

Deb’s summaries and commentaries make the latest research bite-sized and enjoyable to absorb. I can listen to a short video from Deb (an audio recording of her newsletter) and learn the essence of many pages of material that go beyond the standard advice for educators. Her work saves me time and moves me forward as a teacher.

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