Why hire Debbie?

What distinguishes me as a writer–besides writing abilities–are my skills as a listener and collaborator. For grant writing, I almost always suggest that I facilitate a meeting with your team to better understand your program and outcomes. I’m interested in the people connected to your proposal–those carrying out the work and those you serve, as I want to clearly convey the impact you’re trying to achieve.

For all writing projects, I am a fast study, and I deliver the goods on time! I have years of experience as an educator and administrator in schools and in the community college system, which means I can navigate complexity and nuance, adeptly move between the big picture and the details, and get things done.

About 50% of my writing work is grants, with the other 50% being a variety of projects for education and small businesses.

References upon request. I have an M.A. in Education from Antioch University and a certificate in editing from the University of Washington.

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